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Youth Leadership

When youth leaders are elected for patrol leader or senior patrol leader, they will first be nominated by their peers.

If they are interested in being a patrol leader or senior patrol member and cannot attend meetings due to a compelling reason and anticipate being nominated, they should discuss this with the Scoutmaster beforehand. He can accept their nomination on their behalf.

Please remember that this commitment to leadership requires participation in two-thirds of all activities, meetings and outings.

In speaking with the older scouts, here are some common traits they feel are important for our youth leadership and the continued success of our troop:

  • Lead by example
  • Follow through on all communication
  • Scout spirit! (This was a big one!) Your peers are watching!

If you (the scout) are juggling multiple commitments, there are other leadership positions that will meet advancement requirements and help your troop. Please do not accept a nomination if you cannot meet the commitment to your peers.

Mr. Burnside
Troop 486

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© 2024 Troop 486 (Glendora, California) - Boy Scouts of America