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The Parents’ Commitment

Scouting’s values emphasize family and family commitment. Troop 486 cannot function without parental support. Parents are needed in leadership positions, in support positions as members of the Troop Committee, in providing transportation and/or participating on camping trips or other outings, as a merit badge counselor, by helping to ensure that your son attends meetings regularly, by attending quarterly Courts of Honor with him, and be supporting and encouraging in all of his Scouting endeavors. It is requested that each family provide a minimum of 20 hours of parental support to the Troop each year.

We understand Scouting is not for every boy, and within Scouting, every Troop is not for every Scout. We encourage all new Scouts to attend three Troop meetings and one outing as our guest before joining. We hope the new Scout will like what he finds, have a good time, and choose to join us. However, if he does not, we understand.

If you do decide to make a commitment to Troop 486, however, we expect the Scout to abide by our policies and procedures, and to conduct himself according to the Values of Scouting. He will also have 30 days from that point to complete his uniform.

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