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Disciplinary measures are progressive in nature. Boys of Scout age often have relatively short attention spans, become bored easily and like to show off, often resulting in minor violations of the Code of Conduct. Holding up the Scout Sign, reminding Scouts of what they are supposed to be doing, being told they are out of line by junior or adult leaders are the first steps in this process.

Where inappropriate behavior persists, or becomes particularly disruptive, a Patrol Leaders Conference might be in order. This is usually a discussion initiated by the Scout’s patrol leader of what behavior of the Scout is a problem, why it is a problem, and how they can resolve it together.

When the behavior persists following the Patrol Leaders Conference, a conference with several members of the Patrol Leaders Council might be appropriate.

If the disruptive behavior still persists, and the Patrol Leaders Council requests it, the Scout’s parents will be called and be asked to sit down with the Scout, a member of the PLC, and the Scoutmaster so that the problem can be discussed together in an effort to reach a solution.

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