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Troop 486 Invades Utah!

Troop 486 successfully invaded the great state of Utah during their High Adventure Trip July 26th through August 2nd. There were only a couple of minor scrapes (and some bruised egos) during a week of canyoneering, cycling and rafting. The High Adventure group biked 40+ miles on some of the best mountain bike trails in the world, fought their way through class 3 and class 4 rapids down the Colorado River, and rappelled some of the most fascinating earthscapes one could imagine.

A special “Thank You” to all the adult leaders (Moms and Dads) who lent their time and expertise to make this trip a truly special occasion.

This trip was about the outdoors and doing. I am fairly certain you will notice some growth in your sons as a result of this week long adventure. I can think of no greater venue to help boys grow into strong, self-reliant young men other than doing it outside, posing physical and mental challenges. Leadership can be bantered about and discussed but it is best learned by application and High Adventure is second to none. This is why we are TROOP 486!

– Scott Burnside, Scoutmaster




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© 2024 Troop 486 (Glendora, California) - Boy Scouts of America