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The Merit Badge Process

The Scout Must:
  1. Obtain a blue card signed by the Scoutmaster after conferencing with the Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairperson (the Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairperson can suggest the name of counselors and provide contact information).
  2. Contact a counselor BEFORE work is begun on requirements.
  3. Obtain and use a CURRENT Merit Badge book.
  4. Wear uniform to appointments with counselor.
The Counselor Must:
  1. Ask to see Scouts blue card at first meeting.
  2. Because of the recent fears of child abuse accusation, ALWAYS meet with two or more Scouts to be sure your meetings are proctored in some manner.
  3. Review all requirements of the badge with Scout to eliminate misunderstanding or confusion concerning his responsibilities.
  4. Sign the Blue Card ONLY after the Scout has fulfilled ALL requirements AS WRITTEN. NO MORE…NO LESS.
  5. Keep counselor’s part of Blue Card as record.
  1. Scout takes signed Blue Card to Scoutmaster
  2. Scoutmaster signs 2nd half of card and returns it to Scout.
  3. Scout takes both sections to Advancement Chairperson.
  4. Advancement Chairperson retains first part of the card for troop records and obtaining actual Merit Badge for presentation.
  5. Scoutmaster or Advancement Chairperson MUST turn in record on an ADVANCEMENT REPORT to the COUNCIL.
  6. Scout keeps third section as record of completion and places in Scout Binder.
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