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Sunny Day, Soggy Night (Keller Peak, 2015)

We had some awesome Rock-Climbing this past Saturday for 13 Scouts (plus a mom) who enjoyed the rocks at Keller Peak in Running Springs, CA! The temperature was in the low to mid 70’s throughout Saturday. BSA On-Belay Director/Trainer Paul Espinoza, along with our very own Troop 486 Climbing Director Mike Ferrera, and with Carl M. there to help & supervise, rock-climbing trainees Mike K. and Glen T. set-up all the climbs, rappels & safety lines for the troop.

There was an adult prepared communal breakfast for everyone Saturday. Scout patrols prepared their own lunches & dinners, and based on their looks they prepared and ate very well. And as history has shown, the Adult patrol ALWAYS eats well and never goes to bed hungry. Compliments to the cooks/food-buyers Glen T., Chris L. & Mike K.

A fast-moving tropical storm, though not expected until about noon on Sunday, came upon Running Springs just past 2:00am early Sunday morning and delivered heavy fog, wind and a steady drizzling rain that never stopped. Patrol and gear boxes were packed up and loaded into vehicles quickly, and the Scouts worked together to remain mostly warm and dry (though not all of their gear) overnight under EZ-Up covers/shelters. A few Scouts ended up inside a vehicle, 3 adults also stayed inside vehicles, and a couple of adults took shelter under a bathroom hallway. The weather/temperature encountered Saturday-Sunday was a total opposite from Friday-Saturday. As a result of the drastic and sudden change in the weather, the Scouts have a better understanding of what it means to “Be Prepared”.

After a long and challenging night the patrols elected to eat breakfast somewhere at the base of the mountain, so everyone packed-up and left camp about 8am on Sunday while the heavy fog, wind and drizzling rain continued. The Scouts arrived at the church about 10:30am for pick-up.

All in all everyone remained in good spirit, though a bit wet & cold. There definitely were some “teachable moments” during this weekend at Keller Peak Campout that the Scouts will appreciate and, hopefully, won’t forget on future trips. 







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