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Scout Sunday

This past Sunday, Grace Episcopal Church, which is our chartering organization, held a special worship service for our troop. We have been blessed to call Grace our home for our entire sixty year history. It was open to all faiths, and helped all that attended to remember the last point of the Scout Law, which is not to say the least, that A Scout is Reverent. I know in the technology driven world that we live in it is easy to overlook faith, and many find this difficult to grasp, something that is intangible and not always easily defined. It is my belief that Reverend Scranton did a great job of reminding us that there is a higher power and something larger than man. On behalf of the entire troop I want to thank Reverend Scranton and the congregation for a wonderful celebration of faith, and for all the kindness and support the troop receives from Grace Episcopal Church.

A very bright and future Eagle Scout asked me several years ago what I thought was the most important word of the Scout Law. I was stymied by the question, and he eventually told me it was the word “Is”.  Obviously the master became the student and I have taken this to heart. You can put on the uniform, you can walk the miles and climb the mountains, but ultimately you have to walk the real walk of integrity, demonstrate true compassion, humility and sacrifice which defines a real Scout on his way to becoming a man of substance. I am constantly impressed by the Scouts and their interactions with each other and the adults. There is a bond among these young men, and a willingness to have each other’s back that is forged in the challenges they face as a troop, a patrol and as an individual Scout in the incredible backyard that we call home. I believe there is a higher power that guides our Scouts and Scouters and a reverence for this power anchors the Scout Law. In closing, I ask that you take a moment and reflect on, A Scout is… 

We are Troop 486!

Scott Burnside


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