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Lowe and Behold (Mt. Lowe Backpack, 2016)

This past weekend 18 Scouts and 6 adults set out on a cold Friday night, making their way to the Mt. Lowe Trail Camp above Pasadena for a great weekend of backpacking. Nearly 3.5 miles into the moonlit wilderness they reached camp, the site of the old Alpine Tavern; the terminus of the Mt. Lowe Railway. Although the temperature was in the low 40’s the Scouts had no issues organizing their patrols and turning in for the night. 

Morning brought with it one more adult who was unable to backpack in the night before. After a warm breakfast the Scouts ventured out for a 7 mile round trip day hike to Idlehour; along the way identifing local plants and animals. Making it back to camp with some extra time before dinner, some Scouts set about learning fire safety and demonstrating how to build a proper campfire. Although the clouds loomed overhead for most of the day, the rain never fell, and by nightfall the clouds disappeared and the temperature dropped. With the stars clearly visible the Scouts layered on the clothing and hunkered down for a long night in temperatures below freezing. 

Sunday morning breakfast was a quick one, followed by a Scouts Own and some camp clean up. With backpacks on, the Scouts made their way back to the parking area, taking a 2.5 mile hike up and around the Mt. Lowe peak, all the while with their bellies rumbling and crying for In-N-Out; their meal of choice after a weekend of leadership, skills and friendship building. 


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