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Echoes of Sore Feet (Millard Canyon Day Hike, 2015)

The Scouts accomplished a 10 mile hike along the Millard Canyon Trail and the Sunset Ridge Trail. It started out a little rough. We totally missed the trail and ended up going around one of the hills behind JPL. One of the adult leaders suggested that Mr. T was looking at the babes at the Millard Campsite and missed the trail. Mr. T did not see either. However, we did see two deer jumping from rock to rock that did not even look real. They looked like their legs were spring boards. Eventually, we did find the trail and continued on our way. At the Echo Mountain trailhead, we evaluated how the Scouts were doing, and we decided to hike down to Echo Mountain and have lunch where Mr. Lowe’s hotel once stood. The boys enjoyed the view and the reason that Echo Mountain is called Echo Mountain. Fortunately, there were only a few other hikers who did not enjoy the echo as much as the Scouts did.

It was a fantastic day for hiking, not too hot, not too cold, a little overcast; just right. Christiano did a great job keeping the Scouts together on the hike. The newer Scouts still had smiles on their faces when we were done.

When we get a little more miles on the Scouts’ boots, we will attempt to make it to where the Ye Old Tavern once stood.


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