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Day Hike (Millard Canyon)

This Saturday (Oct 17) we will be hiking part of the Millard Canyon trail and traveling back in time to the former Ye Alpine Tavern, now known as the Mount Lowe Trail Camp. Unfortunately, the tavern is long gone, but the hike has some wonderful landmarks and history along the way. This hike will be approximately 11 miles with a 2,400 foot elevation gain. We will start at the upper portion of the Millard Canyon trail and exit at Sunset Ridge (2.5 miles). We will then hike along an old electric railway bed built and used between 1893 and 1936. We will be able to see the foundations of where The Chalet and Echo Mountain House once stood on the edge of Echo Mountain before a fire ravaged the hopes and dreams of Thaddeus S. C. Lowe, a Civil War balloonist and inventor. Between 1893 and 1936, over 3,100,000 people visited the renowned mountain railway and resort complex that Mr. Lowe created. Our final destination will be the Mount Lowe Trail Camp (3 miles). We will return the same way. There is another trail that we could take back (Sam Merrill trail). We will evaluate how the boys and adults are doing at that point prior to deciding on the Sam Merrill trail route.

What To Bring

The Scouts will need their day packs with their 10+ essentials. 2 Nalgene bottles or a 3 liter water bladder are needed for the hike (There is no water along the trail). The Scout must also bring trail snacks and a lunch. There is some poison oak along the top of Millard Canyon so long pants are recommended. The Sunset Ridge portion of the hike will be exposed to the sun, so have your Scout bring a hat and sun screen. Hiking boots are a must for this hike. During this time of year, always be prepared for inclement weather. A lightweight rain poncho should be one of the Scout’s 10+ essentials.

When and Where

We will meet at the church at the West parking lot at 6:30am. We plan on returning to the church between 2-3pm, although this may be pushing it since it is a long hike. 

If you are a parent that will be joining us, or if you can help drive the Scouts to/from the hike, here are some directions to where we will park. From Loma Alta Drive in Altadena, turn north on Chaney Trail Drive and follow it to the ridge top junction. Sometimes the trail head parking is crowded. It may be easier to park in the parking area at the bottom of Millard Canyon. This will be to the left of the ridge top junction. If you will be parking your vehicle and joining us on the hike, you will need a $5 California Adventure Pass since you will be in the Angeles National Forest. An Adventure Pass can be purchased at any sporting goods retailer or US Forestry Office.

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